Monday, January 15, 2018

cubr is Live!

It all began in November, 2017 - two former colleagues, Warren Chu and I (Rolla Sarwary), met up over Sushi in Vancouver, BC. We worked together at a local company for about a year and half, Warren worked in web ops and I in marketing, it had been a couple of months since I had left for another opportunity and we wanted to reconnect and catch up. That meeting ended up leading us to discuss an idea for a website which evolved into cubr. After weeks of follow up meetings that felt a lot like the Seinfeld clip below (except we weren't planning a roommate switch) and discussions, we've hit one of our major milestones, launching

What is cubr? It's an AI powered news summarization site. We don't just give you headline summaries - there are plenty of sites and apps out there that do that really well, what we DO give you is MORE than a headline and LESS than an article. This means you quickly get a good sense of what that story or article was about without having to read the entire piece, from there you can decide whether you want to continue to research this topic. This allows you to consume more news quickly. We summarize all kinds of news but plan to specialize our future products to serve people working in the financial industry. Our site currently summarizes news and is in its very early stages - over time we're planning on developing more sophisticated machine learning tools. Using AI and machine learning cubr provides value by saving our users a significant amount of time and in the future will be able to provide useful and sophisticated insights.

Shifting gears, the purpose of this blog will be to document our milestones and also to share learnings on the challenges of building a company from the ground up.

I'm looking forward to sharing our journey with you, please sign up to get notifications from us and be in the know when we release new features and updates. We've got more major milestones coming up in the next two to three months, so stay tuned!